3 Day All-Inclusive Party.
(that means the booze is included)

Yale, MI.
(bring a tent)

August 10th-12th.
(always the 2nd weekend of August)

Anyone Who Knows Someone.
(get on the list)

(you read that right)

Drunk Olympics Championship Mug
(free beer for a year*)

Help Support Crewfest!

Drunken Olympics Sign-up

You'll be competing for the Championship Mug and some uber-bragging rights, grab 3 buddies and get ready!

Olympics start at 5:00 PM, Saturday August 11th

Team Name:
Captain's Email:
 We'll send any details leading up to the Olympics here, in case you need to prepare.
Member 2:
Member 3:
Member 4:
*Bring your Drunken Olympics Championship mug to a Crewfest sponsored party and score free beer all night!